10 Weird Types of Insurance You Didn’t Even Know About

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We’ve long insured our cars, our health, our homes – even our pets’ health! That’s all the obvious fields covered. But insurers have a range of other policy types in place to cover the sort of eventuality that you’ve probably never considered, but that could hit you hard in the wallet. Examples are body part insurance. Dancers insure their legs, musicians their hands, and singer, Dolly Parton – well she insured her two best assets (after her voice, that is!). Golf tournament organisers insure against hole in one results – to cover the cost of the prize they’ll need for the winner; athletes can take out “loss of value” cover; Thailand, in 2010, offered tourists “riot insurance”. If your child’s wedding is called off, your “change of heart” insurance should add some balm to the wounds. Other odd policies include multiple-birth compensation and insurance against death by laughter. Definitely funny!

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