11 years in a row on the Safeco 2017 Award of Excellence

For the 11th year in a row we are pleased to announce our inclusion in the Safeco 2017 Award of Excellence! We join an exclusive list of 279 agents from 238 agencies across the nation.

The Award of Excellence is designed to honor strong, long-term partnerships rather than reward loss ratios and production alone. “Over the years, to me, the award has meant so much because it is recognition of the partnership, the responsibility we have together and the way we work together in underwriting for profitable business,” said lifetime Award of Excellence agent Scott Hinderks, of Flury-Hinderks Insurance Agency, Inc. “This is recognition that over time you have demonstrated a consistent effort in identifying the right business. There are very few awards that I really appreciate as much as the Award of Excellence.”

Here is the complete list 2017 Award of Excellence.

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