3 Sneaky Ways Identity Thieves Can Access Your Data

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Identity theft has become a huge problem, with as much as $112 billion being stolen from consumers between 2010-2015. Despite new chip technology in our credit and debit cards, potential thieves have a variety of ways to rip us off. Old-fashioned snail mail can be a hotbed for identity theft activity. From credit cards offers to bank statements, it can be all too easy for someone to find crucial information about you. Fake public WiFi can be a way for hackers to get into your computer. Make sure to inquire with reception or an attendant to ensure the signal you are accessing is legitimate. Unfortunately a huge number of people use easily hacked email passwords. Some of the top passwords include, “password,” and “12345,” giving hackers an easy opportunity to access your computer and accounts. Mix up your passwords on different site, don’t spell out words (like football or baseball) and don’t use your email to store important information.

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3 Sneaky Ways Identity Thieves Can Access Your Data

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