5 Eating Tips for a Healthy Heart

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One thing you can really do, and this is recommended by nutritionists, is to read the labels on all the foods that you consume. You might be surprised when you find how small a serving size actually is but they are required to let you know how many calories there are in a serving and how many calories there are in the entire package as well. Eating healthy fats also helps as well as finding an alternative to salt, too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.


Key Takeaways:


    • It’s estimated that about one third of worldwide deaths are cardiac related and moreover preventable.


    • One way to be proactive for your heart health is to carefully review food labels not just for nutients, like fat, but for serving sizes.


    • Nature creates two kinds of fat, saturated and unsaturated. There is also synthetic fat, called trans fat.

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“When the fatty acid tail is filled with hydrogen, or saturated, the tail is stiff and rigid. Rigid tails can block off arteries and lead to heart disease, Blair explains.”

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