5 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

Burglary, while on the decline, still is prevalent and hits 1.4 million homes a year. You do not want to be one of them! Burglars are brazen and will rob you in daylight as most people do not take as many safety precautions then. Leave your windows, doors, cars, garage doors locked. Do not post on all of your expensive belongings on social media sites for all to see. Do not advertise you just bought a new game or expensive item by throwing the box in the trash for passer-byes to see. Fight back with a safe, cameras, neighborhood watches. Burglars want easy targets don’t be one!

Key Takeaways:

    • Burglars strike during the day, be sure to keep windows and doors locked, including vehicle doors.
    • Burglary is actually down in the United States, though 1.4 million burglaries occurred in 2017.
    • Don’t post pictures on social media with your expensive items in the background, it gives would-be thieves a chance to see what you have worth taking.

“Thieves are often “looking for signs that no one is there,” says Trooper Pascal DiJoseph from the Pennsylvania State Police. ‘They like the easy way. They don’t want to make noise. They don’t want to get caught.””

Read more: https://extramile.thehartford.com/home/home-burglary-prevention-tips/

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