5 Things You Must Know Before You Get a New Social Security Card

new social security card

Changing your Social Security Number can only be done under certain specific conditions and a great deal of documentation can be required. New numbers can be issued when another citizen has the same sequence of numbers, when two family members have very similar sequences of numbers, if you are a victim or identity theft or domestic violence, or if you can offer proof that your religious or cultural group has very strong feelings against the use of certain numbers. Obtaining a new number is free, but the process will require some work from you: You will have to make a personal appearance at your local Social Security Administration office, complete their application, and provide a statement of need along with any evidence required (depending on the reason for the change). In addition, you will need the standard documentation (proof of age/citizenship, etc./name change). All documentation will have to be original – no photocopies are allowed. Even if you qualify under one of these conditions and are willing to do the legwork, you will want to consider that obtaining credit may become more difficult for a time – a new number will appear to be a brand new credit history. You will likely have to do some explaining so that they will look back to your previous history under your old number. Finally, your new number will always remain associated with you to ensure, among other things, you are credited with all of your earnings under both numbers.

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5 Things You Must Know Before You Get a New Social Security Card

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