5 Tips to Help Prevent Theft During the Holidays

5 Tips to Help Prevent Theft During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of great joy, love, and cheer, but it also brings about heightened levels of chaos and consumerism, which opens the door for criminals looking to steal. Luckily, individuals can take proactive actions to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of theft. One step that can be taken is to keep your lights on inside the home so that it always looks like your residence is occupied. Other steps include hiding valuables, staying in the habit of keeping the home locked, arranging for packages to only be delivered when someone is there to receive them, and taking steps to ensure the protection of your luggage.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is useful to always keep some lights turned on inside the home so that outsiders will believe the residence is occupied
  • Any and all valuables should be kept hidden away in secure places, while homeowners should be in the habit of locking up the residence
  • To avoid the loss of any packages, arrange with the delivery courier to have it dropped off at a time when someone will be present to receive it

“Good food, good cheer and, of course, gifts are some focal points of the holiday season. The hustle and bustle, however, may distract us from potential risks that can surround us this time of year.”

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