7 Bizarre Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

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Having home owners insurance is important for all of those things that you couldn’t possibly see coming. Home owners insurance covers all of those common things that you can probably guess, but you probably never thought about some of the more bizarre things that it covers. Depending on where you live, it might be a smart idea to get wild animals covered under your home owners insurance. Somewhere in Colorado a wild moose came crashing into their home, and insurance could have possibly covered that.


Key Takeaways:


    • Most homeowners policies cover damage caused by party guests and even social host liability.


    • Damage caused by falling space debris is covered under standard policies.


    • If you are sued for leaving a negative Yelp review, homeowners insurance may cover your attorney fees.



“Homeowners insurance is an incredible safety net to have when something catastrophic happens to your property, whether it’s damage from a burst pipe, a fire, a hurricane, or even a riot.”

Get answers about homeowners insurance.

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