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buying a new car

You probably have a pretty long list of possibilities for your new car at this point. To narrow it down, look at each car’s ownership costs on independent car-pricing websites. You’ll probably find a wide range of actual ownership costs, even with cars that are priced similarly. Keep in mind that these costs are averages and that your actual costs may vary dramatically, especially for car insurance and fuel. For a more accurate calculation, run your own calculations on car insurance.Some cars may be cheaper to buy but more expensive to own. Automakers often tout cash-back rebates in advertising that apply to all buyers, but frequently there are “personal rebates” that only some buyers qualify for that are not as easy to spot. There are also discounts for current owners of the brand they are buying or a competing brand. Allocate extra time with the car parked to fully review the seating position.

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9 Tips that will save you big bucks when buying a car

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