Are Campers & RVs Covered By Car Or Homeowner’s Insurance?

Tow behind campers and motor homes have specific insurance requirements. A tow behind camper is partially protected by a car insurance policy and partially protected by a homeowner policy. For complete coverage one would need to take out a separate policy for the camper. Normally, a motor home is not covered by preexisting policies, and you would need a specific policy to protect it. You can get a specific RV policy which should be cheaper than a separate car policy to protect the RV.

Key Takeaways:

    • Your auto insurance policy will generally give you basic liability protection for your towable camper while on the road, but that does not protect against damage inflicted on your camper by others.
    • If your towed camper is stolen, your car insurance policy will generally not pay you anything at all for either the camper or the belongings inside it.
    • RV insurance is generally the most comprehensive and cost-effective way of protecting your camper or RV, and will often also provide emergency assistance.

“A towable camper is partially covered by your car insurance policy as well as your homeowner’s insurance policy. For full coverage on a camper, you’ll need to get specialized insurance that specifically covers it.”

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