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Auto Insurance Kirkland WA

Although some drivers may be riskier than others, solid auto insurance coverage is essential for all drivers on the road. Accidents can happen to all types of people regardless of the car they drive, age, marital status, or gender, and that is why having comprehensive auto insurance coverage is the best way for all drivers to maintain peace of mind. When it comes to purchasing auto insurance, it is wise to work with a local insurance agency to get expert advice and purchase an auto insurance package that is the right fit. PNI, located in Kirkland, Washington has been dedicated to providing local individuals and businesses with superior auto insurance products and customer service since 1992. PNI strives to be the leading auto insurance provider in its hometown of Kirkland, WA as well as in the surrounding cities and 10 States. As a member of The Advantage Group, PNI is able to provide comprehensive auto insurance plans to its clients at the most competitive prices. In addition, PNI prides itself professional staffing, great customer service and loyalty. We have an advantage that not all direct writes or Insurance have, more companies to shop with. PNI has over 15 companies so we can find you the best rates and converge available.

PNI’s expert staff can provide clients with the best rates and highest value policies for the following types of auto insurance coverage:

  • Liability insurance covers the policyholder in the event that they are in an accident that is their own fault. This covers the cost of physical damages made to another driver’s car as well as medical bills if the other driver is injured in the accident.
  • Collision coverage covers the cost of car damages in the event of a covered collision. If the car is totaled, it reimburses the policyholder for the determined value of their car.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for the repairs of damage to a car that is caused by non-collision related incidents. This often includes damages caused by weather, fire, vandalism, theft, hitting animals, etc.
  • Personal Injury Protection pays for the medical bills of the policyholder and all of the passengers in the car if they are injured in an accident. With this coverage, all medical bills are paid regardless of if the policyholder is at fault for the accident or not.
  • Uninsured motorist protection covers damages to the policyholder’s car that are caused by the actions of a driver who does not have insurance.

PNI also recognizes that it operates in a region of Washington that is home to many large tech corporations such as Microsoft in Bellevue, WA; Google in Kirkland, WA; and Amazon headquarters in nearby Seattle. This means that the towns of Kirkland, WA; Bellevue, WA; Redmond, WA; Kenmore, WA; Bothell, WA; and Mercer Island, WA are also home to many successful executives who enjoy having classic cars, collector cars, and sports cars. Due to high liability, risk of expensive lawsuits, uninsured drivers on the road that can cause harm, and other dangers that would be particularly harmful to owners of such valuable cars, purchasing the right insurance is essential for their peace of mind. PNI has the tools to provide local executives or car enthusiasts in Washington with the right auto insurance policy for their beloved collector cars or speedy sports cars.

For owners of collector and classic cars, collector car insurance policy options include:

  • Value of the vehicle is determined at the time of insurance policy purchase, so in the event of a covered total loss there is no dispute over its value.
  • If market value of the collector car increases, the owner has the option to increase coverage to match its current market value anytime before a covered loss.
  • Collision coverage to cover costs of physical damage done to the collector car while in motion.
  • Comprehensive coverage to reimburse collector car owner in the event of theft, fire, vandalism, and other threats that cause damage to the classic car while it is parked or stored.
  • High liability limits to protect policyholders from losing personal assets in lawsuits provoked by accidents involving their collector car.
  • Coverage of damage done to the collector car by a motorist who was driving without insurance, as well as reimbursement of medical bills if the policyholder is injured by an uninsured driver.
  • Special care and proper restoration techniques to ensure that the collector car is restored to its original authenticity and condition in the event of a total loss.
  • Significantly lower rates than rates for non-collector cars.

For owners of high performance sports cars, sport car insurance policy options include:

  • Liability coverage with very high limits in the event of an accident caused by high performance sport car to protect against aggressive lawsuits.
  • Collision coverage provides reimbursement for damages to sports cars caused in the event of a collision with another vehicle or a fixed object.
  • Comprehensive coverage to reimburse sport car owner in the very possible event of theft due to the high value of the car.
  • Comprehensive coverage of expensive replacement and repair of high sport car parts in the event of fire, vandalism, and other dangers.

For drivers in the Kirkland, WA area that do not drive high performance sports cars or collect classic cars, but who have other unique needs, PNI can help them purchase the perfect policy. For example, families that have children of driving age are often faced with astronomical rates for their teenagers being added to their auto insurance plan. PNI has the resources and expertise to find the most affordable teen auto insurance coverage that works best for local families. Often times young unmarried men are also subject to pay a much higher auto insurance rates than married men or women, and it is often difficult for them to find the best policy for their situation on their own. PNI is determined to use their expertise and professional resources to find the most reasonable and comprehensive auto insurance coverage for their clients that are young unmarried men, just like they are willing to do so for their unique clients that are collector car owners, sport car owners, or families with young teens. We strive to earn your business rather its Auto, Homeowners, Umbrella or Life insurance. If you have any question and would like to get a proposal we would be happy to help. Give PNI a call at 425-828-7877 or email us today at info@pnorthwest.com