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When it comes to being a new parent, perhaps the most important thing on the minds of moms and dads around the country with newborn babies is ensuring that their child remains safe and secure and away from any potential harm. Although keeping track of everything can be difficult, there are various tips and tricks that new parents can implement that will help them keep an eye on the important things and keep their new children safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if you are supervising your baby closely, it is not safe to use a baby walker as the baby can move beyond your reach very quickly.
  • When you are strapping your baby into a car seat, beware of hot metal that can burn.
  • Salt and honey are two food ingredients that can be dangerous for babies.

“To help keep your baby safe in the bedroom, says Holtzman, keep window covering cordless to help prevent a strangulation hazard”

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