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Budgeting is a difficult, but extremely important part of everyday life that many of us fail to truly appreciate. It’s not as complicated as we all think, either- there are several simple tips that can simplify your budgeting process and make the entire process more enjoyable. First off, find out what your fixed costs are- reoccurring bills that you pay every month, like your cell phone bill or your gym membership. Then, set your financial goals, and make sure they’re reasonable so you don’t get discouraged. After setting your goals, figure out any non-monthly expenses, like annual insurance premiums or tax bills, and set aside money to pay for that. Last, figure out how much you have leftover for flexible spending, such as eating out or gifts. With all that figured out, find out what your leftover is, and you’ll have your complete budget.

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Budgeting the Easy Way: The One-Number Strategy

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