Checking homeowner’s policy important act

Homeowners policies have been going up in cost, especially in places like Oklahoma where hail storms and tornadoes hit regularly. Be careful when trying to lower your costs, don’t just go on a dollar amount, check your coverage. Ways to lower your payments include raising your deductibles, installing alarms, and even checking with independent agents who represent multiple companies. You may be interested to know that the better your credit score, the better tier and price range you may fall into. Other concerns about your home may include whether you run a business or own expensive items like jewelry and guns. Be sure to check with your agent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to the fact that there has been increased hailstorms and tornadoes in the past couple of years home owner insurance premiums have increased.
  • One who wants a good insurance should be conscious of the premiums and be wary of an agent who just wants to sale without adequate coverage.
  • One of the few ways to bring a premium down is to raise the deductibles because many insurance companies do not want to pay for small amounts.

“Insurance companies are placing an ever increasing priority on how good your credit is.”

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