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Chubb Cornerstone Insurance Agency Seattle, Bellevue

When the name Chubb pops up in conversation, most people immediately think “great insurance protection.” That is definitely true since Chubb is considered to be a leader in the insurance industry not only on the basis of size and longevity, but also because of their continued dedication to be the best at what they do by delivering unparalleled service and innovative, scalable and specialized products. And it’s because of that excellent reputation that being a Chubb agent is an honor. Chubb takes that honor to the next level with their Cornerstone program reserved for an elite group of agencies hand-picked by Chubb. Here are 5 reasons you should work with a Chubb Cornerstone agency.

Access to an elite group of experts
Chubb’s Cornerstone designation represents an exclusive membership program comprised of only the top performing agencies and brokers in the Chubb system. With 15,000 agencies worldwide, the Cornerstone program is Chubb’s vehicle to recognize those agencies who have a deep understanding of the company’s products and services and complement the company’s focus on unparalleled service. This select group of agencies represents 3% of all Chubb appointed agencies.

Special perks
Chubb Cornerstone agencies work very hard to achieve and then maintain the highly sought-after designation, and because of that, Chubb provides Cornerstone agencies with a few special perks, like:

  • Direct access to senior Chubb Insurance executives
  • Guarantees that clients of Chubb Cornerstone agencies receive the most effective service in the event of a loss through special claims contacts
  • Special coverage needs and exceptions not generally granted to non-Cornerstone agencies

Reserved capacity for catastrophic response
When the worst-case scenario happens, Chubb Cornerstone agencies have access to special project funding and an overall increase in Chubb’s elite service to clients. This is an incredible benefit especially when handling claims after catastrophic events like Hurricane Sandy.

Checks and balances
Becoming a Chubb Cornerstone agency is a worthwhile challenge. Maintaining that designation is a long-term commitment. Chubb Cornerstone agencies must consistently maintain certain production and service levels to maintain the prestigious Cornerstone designation.

Specially trained experts
When it comes to claims, Chubb provides its Cornerstone agencies with direct access to senior claim professionals who possess a thorough working knowledge of local and state laws as well as the state and federal judiciary system. In addition, Chubb Cornerstone agencies have a dedicated claim liaison— a senior staff member that is assigned to them as a single point of contact for all claim-related issues and concerns.