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COVID-19, PNI and our Partners

As we are approaching uncertain times, we want you to know that PNI is committed to our clients when it comes to helping to protect your family. Like most employers we have implemented a work from home policy for the well being of our employees, and to ensure we can continue the best possible service experience for our clients.

We are here for you –

Common questions we are getting and answers we are giving.

Operational– Even though we are working from home the staff has been well equipped with an in-home office designed to service our clients without skipping a beat. The safety of our employees is very important to us as well as being available to service our clients and anticipating their needs in this trying time. With that said we are doing our best to navigate through a new system so some calls may take time to be put through or a request may take a few extra minutes, just know we are working our hardest.

Resources – As we continue down a path unknown, we are working hard to stay educated for you so we can answer what questions may arise. There have been some Washington state insurance new policies put in place to help you out. We have put together a list below for you with all our carriers up to date information on what is happening moving forward with your insurance policy. Like, were can I make a payment, what if I might be late or I need help with my up coming policy.

In addition, the Insurance Commissioner office ordered all property and casualty insurers in Washington state to take steps to make sure policyholders retain coverage for their homes, vehicles, other property and liability policies during Washington state’s coronavirus state of emergency. 

Specifically, the order requires insurers that sell property and casualty policies in our state to:

  • Provide a grace period for policyholders to pay their insurance premiums
  • Waive fees related to any late payments, including late fees and reinstatement fees
  • Refrain from canceling any policy for non-payment of premium, unless the policyholder requests the policy to be canceled. 

The order will remain in effect for 45 days, until May 9, 2020. All carriers have been alerted regarding this grace period given. Each carrier has its own contact regarding this policy to help answer questions about this moving forward. We encourage you to look at your carriers’ information below for further questions. Since there are so many different carriers we represent, we have created a list below with their various information for your convenience.

Carriers and helpful information –

Nationwide Self Service Information

Safeco Self Service information

Mutual of Enumclaw








Liberty Mutual

RLI Commercial

It is important to remember that we are all in this together and with that said let’s be part of the solution and stay home.

Other resources-

Cyber Risk for companies working from home  – Please contact Dan Keen at dan@pnorthwest.com  or Robyn Buchholz  at robyn@pnorthwest.com Phone: 425.828.7877

Life insurance – Please contact Rob James at rob@pnorthwest.com  Phone: 425.828.7877  

*We will update as new information is given to us. Information is subject to change from carrier to carrier and from the Washington state commissioner’s office. We will do are best to put up to update information on our website and provide to our clients directly.