Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Ceiling Collapse?

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Homeowners insurance is definitely going to cover the collapse of your ceiling under most circumstances. Homes built during a certain time frame are more susceptible to a ceiling collapse. A ceiling collapse occurs when the ceiling weighs more than the structure surrounding it. You may have to worry about the deductible to cover something like this, but you won’t have to worry about your items or the people who live in your home, those things will be covered by your insurance.

Key Takeaways:

    • You need to inform your home insurance company because structural damage like this will be covered under your total repair and/or replacement coverage limit.
    • Long-term structural damage that will imminently lead to collapse is covered under standard policies.
    • While your overall coverage will usually equal ten percent of the total home replacement cost coverage on your policy, there will specific limits to different types of property.

“Ceiling collapse occurs when the material weight of the ceiling exceeds the support structure within. The support will fail for one of two reasons: 1) as a result of improper construction or 2) from damage that accumulates over the life of the home.”

Get answers about property insurance.

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