Does homeowners insurance cover mold?

Questions about mold coverage?

Mold can cause health hazards and it is often costly to remove. In general, your homeowner’s insurance will only cover the cost if it is the result of a peril that is covered under your current policy. For example, most policies cover damage from a burst pipe, so if this happens and there is mold as a result, your policy should cover the cost of repair. However, mold damage usually isn’t covered if it is the result of humidity or weather or a preventable situation. Mold damage due to a flood is only covered if you have purchased flood insurance.

Key Takeaways:

    • When flooding caused damage to the condo of Mike Zeppo, he decided to replace the floor and then to have a sump pump installed.
    • The floor of the condo was rusty and moldy when the contractor for the job started digging into the floor to install the sump pump.
    • The damage that the ground water caused was not filed as a claim by Zeppo because he did not have a flooding insurance.

“Mold that’s caused from a flood, and sewer and drain backup aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy.”

Questions about mold coverage?

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