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With the growing market for “over the internet transactions”, comes more scams, fraud, and danger. In order to avoid a dangerous meet, the Oakland police are offering their facility, which is under surveillance 24/7 and would provide a much safer environment for doing business. If you do not wish to meet there, it is recommended that you meet in a public place with as many witnesses as possible, ask as many questions about the product of possible, and count your money before handing over the product. There are some troubling cases out there, with many documented murders, sex crimes, and assaults so you need to keep this in mind for the safety of your family. Just Wednesday, two siblings were charged with the murder of a Sterling Heights man over a Craigslist deal. Another man solicited sex from a 14 year old girl after sending her lewd pictures.

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Doing business on Craigslist: Safety tips to keep in mind

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