Flooding and your home owners insurance: A Cautionary Tale

Home flooding can be a disastrous occurrence. Even worse is the fact that while homeowners insurance covers minor flooding caused by things like frozen pipes or broken appliances, it is unhelpful for storm flooding. For that, you will have to purchase flood insurance. A similar situation occurs if your external sewer system backs up into your home. This also would not be covered with a standard homeowners policy. Furthermore, if heavy rains lead to basement seepage from underground, this may not be covered by either a homeowners policy or a flood policy. As a homeowner, it may be necessary to take actions aimed at limiting damage in the first place, such as acquiring a sump pump.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most times the stories that we see on the news is about the people in the Southern part of the United states suffering from flooding waters.
  • Some homes in the Hudson Valley where he lives have been affected by flooding recently but not as heavy as that in the south.
  • One disaster that is terrible no matter what angle one is looking at it and no matter the damage done is a flooded home.

“Water damage from a storm, a storm surge, heavy rains or wind-driven water are not insured in the normal home owners policy.”

Read more: http://www.globalpropertysystems.com/flooding-and-your-home-owners-insurance-a-cautionary-tale/

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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