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When buying a house, one must consider and compare between paying for home insurance or a home warranty. Home insurance is necessary if one is purchasing a house via a loan. Home insurance offers protection of the structure and possessions in return for paying a deductible, but this protection is limited in that ordinary wear and tear, breakage of items, and maintenance and repairs are all not covered. A home warranty provides coverage in instances where home insurances fails or would fail to do so; such coverage can include home appliances or major systems. Home warranties provide protection of one’s budget and tend to be significantly more affordable than home insurance. Persons who are buying their first home ought to take into consideration the purchase of both home insurance and a home warranty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people rent for years before buying their first home, so purchasing a first home is always exciting.
  • You can choose to protect your home with either insurance or a warranty.
  • Read on to learn about the difference between insurance and warranties, and which one works best for you.

“Buying a house is an incredible event, but it is also a costly one.”

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