How To Close A Home Purchase In 2020

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Now that we have to remain socially distanced from people for the foreseeable future, it has made it that much more difficult to close the deal on a home. Showing homes and inviting people into the world of real estate has all but stopped. But, if you are still in the process of closing the deal, then there are ways around it, depending on your state. Both parties could stay in the cars while their information is exchanged, and in some cases they could go into the home and maintain distance while wearing masks to get the job done.


Key Takeaways:


    • Curbside real estate closings are conducted with the parties staying in their cars at the title office.


    • Electronic signing of documents and remote notarization aren’t accepted in many jurisdictions.


    • Traditional sit-down closings are sometimes conducted with social distancing, masks, disinfectant wipes, etc.



“While it’s long been possible to conduct some real estate closings without the parties even being in the same state—using overnight mail or couriers—signatures still have had to be notarized by human notaries at each end.”

Get answers about homeowners insurance.

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