How To Deice Your Cars Windshield

The best way to deal with ice on your windshield is to make sure it doesn’t form in the first place. Parking your car somewhere sheltered is ideal, but if you cannot do that, you can use a cloth cover soaked in saline, or fill your windshield wiper fluid tanks with a winter fluid that can help thaw ice. You can also remove ice by using your car’s defroster or a solution of alcohol and water with a little bit of added dish soap.

Key Takeaways:

  • The old adage that prevention is better than cure applies here. To prevent ice from a windshield, car owners need to park their cars in a garage.
  • Covering the windshield with a tarp or large towel should also be done if parking a car in a garage is not feasible.
  • Some car owners soak their windshield covers in one tablespoonful salt to aid in ice prevention and easy cover removal.

“One of the more bothersome challenges of winter is removing ice from your car’s windshield on frosty mornings.”

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