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Health expenses are very expensive for people who can not afford insurance. Insurance is great but it is a cost that some people cannot budget for. In the minds of a lot of people, health insurance is something that is a necessity due to the emergencies that pop up all throughout life. Within your own life, it is important to budget for these emergencies. Emergencies are something that happen regardless of how hard you try to avoid them so be prepared.

Key Takeaways:

  • Health coverage in the United States is something that has torn a lot of people’s opinions over the years.
  • Understanding how much medical expenses can be without having some kind of coverage puts things into perspective.
  • Not everyone is able to afford health insurance because of the high premiums that many of them come with.

“Health coverage works differently. Rather than financial those possible events, many people buy health coverage to finance events that we are sure will happen. That’s part of why I have health coverage. I can’t afford the expenses that I plan to incur over the next year.”

Read more: https://www.insurancejournal.com/blogs/academy-journal/2018/11/14/507550.htm

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