In the market for a used car? Four tips to consider

used car tips

Nowadays, a popular and easy way to shop for used cars is by using online sites. It’s convenient and saves a lot of time, but beware – you need to be sure you’re getting a legitimate deal. Often you find that you are buying from a private party, so before you write that personal check or go to the bank for a loan consider this: over 700,000 cars were stolen in this country last year, and buying a stolen car can create big problems down the line. It may be virtually impossible to get your money back and there is a great risk of having the vehicle impounded, your insurance company may be very reluctant to cover any claims or damage. So pay attention to these buying details: be sure to verify the seller’s identity and that it matches the car title; make sure the car’s VIN and other identity numbers match the title information; know if there is a lien against the car; collect the signed title from the seller when you get the car; and understand all about the title transfer process, necessary forms and tax information. Buying a car is exciting, but it’s an expensive investment, so take the time to know exactly what you are doing.

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In the market for a used car ? Four tips to consider

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