Is Your Home Protected From Wildfires? Tips For Getting Coverage – Cover

With a growing risk to homes from wildfires, many homeowners insurance companies are trying to find ways to avoid paying customers any more than necessary. Wildfires already cause billions’ worth of damage every year, and climate change is just going to make this hazard worse. Most homeowners insurance is supposed to cover both fire damage and smoke damage from wildfires, but you need to be certain your insurance company is correctly licensed and falls under your state’s guarantee association.

Key Takeaways:

  • There have been a lot of recent headlines about wildfires that are spreading across the United States. In California’s Camp fire about 18,800 homes were destroyed.
  • Because the wildfire threats are getting worse, some insurance companies are looking for ways to sidestep the issue at the peril of home owners.
  • Climate change is real and the numbers are indisputable that is why the wildfires being experienced now are about two months longer than those of the 70s.

“The wildfire threat is increasing across the country. This can cause issues with homeowners insurance.”

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