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For small business and nonprofit owners in Kirkland who have been impacted by the current pandemic, there is a new relief fund that Google is sponsoring. Both private and public sectors have joined forces with the prerogative of providing Kirkland residents with financial relief. This fund is meant to help counteract the deficit that COVID-19 has caused through imperative safety measures such as social distancing. These grants will be unrestricted, and they can be used on rent, salaries, and costs related to opening.

Key Takeaways:

    • Kirkland has created a new fund for helping out small businesses struggling due to the pandemic.
    • The fund has received money from Google to help out the small business community.
    • The fund is taking more donations and is currently accepting applications for grants.

“Its goal is to give unrestricted grants to help support rent, employee salaries, and operating costs so that relief is available to businesses and nonprofits immediately.”

Read more: https://425business.com/kirkland-small-business-relief-fund-seeded-by-google/