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Topic of life insurance is one that many people find difficult to discuss, as it is by definition tied to someone’s passing. Yet, for the family and loved ones left behind, it may be a lifeline and a difference between normal life and poverty. Current pandemic has made many people re-evaluate their lives and how prepared their families are for the worst outcomes. Your life policy may be that ultimate letter full of love that you send to your family, but it does require careful planning and sound decision making process.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a widow pulled me aside, I was able to tell her that she was going to be just fine, this is why I sell life insurance.
  • More and more people are asking for life insurance coverage during the pandemic, so they’re prepared.
  • Waiting to buy life insurance can be more expensive over time, with health issues popping up.

“Lusk takes a philosophical approach to life insurance and what it means from a legacy perspective. Tailoring life insurance policies to fit the person and their family is an art form. It requires active listening skills, knowledge of the industry, and wisdom gleaned from experience and continuous training.”

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Image by Tatyana Kazakova from Pixabay