Medicare Open Enrollment: 9 Questions and Answers

medicare open enrollment

Turning 65 usually starts the onset of being on Medicare for most Americans. Yet, there are some considerations that can affect this norm. First, it’s possible to apply up to three months prior to your 65th birthday. Moreover, It may be allowable to postpone your medicare onset date if you are still working full-time, or your spouse is. Be advised that based on salaries and other monies, should they reach a certain level, you could face higher premiums. Missing the usual onset daty of reaching one’s 65th birthday could result in incurred penalties, something to watch out for. For those that already have medicare, it is important to recheck coverage during open enrollment periods, as medical needs change over time, making alternative and supplementary coverage potentially more optimal solutions. To get the very best value it is a good idea to contact a specialist in the area of medicare.

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Medicare Open Enrollment: 9 Questions and Answers

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