Open House Safety Tips for Homeowners

It’s important to protect your safety and your belongings when selling your home. Safeguard your jewelry, prescription medications and other things thieves might try to steal by hiding them, locking them up or removing them altogether. Use the buddy system and avoid showing a house completely alone — this is good for your safety, and for keeping an eye on people viewing the house. Talk to your real estate agent about safety and security issues, and make sure people don’t hide in or around your property before, during or after an open house.

Key Takeaways:

    • Many home owners have realized that selling a home can be stressful for them and might need an open house to make a sell on a property.
    • When one is hosting an open house, he must make sure it is safe because it is an opportunity for thieves to steal valuables.
    • The precious belongings in a home can be protected by hiding them in a safe or putting them in an inconspicuous place.

“For your own safety and the security of your property, it is best if you do not conduct the open house alone.”

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