Renters: 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

save on utilities

There are several ways renters can save money on utilities. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use considerably less energy than most common household light bulbs. A programmable thermostat, as well as lowered temperatures, can cut down heating bills. Optimizing window covering, such as closing blinds in the summer to cut cooling, is also useful. Low-flow water fixtures minimizes excess water, and thus reduces the water bill. In addition to having different appliances, a human touch never hurts. Being mindful and conservative with appliance use can also help cut unnecessary utility spending. This can include doing laundry only with full loads, reducing shower times, or unplugging electronics when not in use so that they do not contribute to an otherwise hefty electricity bill. Finally, contacting your utility company can provide insight on the best money-saving energy plan for you.

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Renters: 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

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