Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in Every Season

motorcycle safety

It is important to take specific safety precautions for each season when riding motorcycles. In spring, rain is a big concern. It is best to pull over if possible; otherwise, reduce speed. Avoid standing water because it can cause hydroplaning and make sure to be properly fit for rain gear that sheds water and keeps the body warm. In summer the tires have the best traction; however, it is important to still dress properly. Wear breathable clothes that cover the body and stay hydrated. Dehydration is caused quicker when the skin is exposed to the sun. Fall can be dangerous due to rain and slippery leaves. Ride carefully and slow. Always have waterproof gear and an extra pair of goggles on hand. Winter gets cold and icy; therefore, tire traction is at its poorest. Before riding check the tires and replace the tires if they are older than 6 years.

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