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Recreational vehicles rentals really took off in 2020, primarily because people saw this option as a safe alternative to hotels in the time of pandemic. Before you decide to pursue this option for your next vacation, understand that one of the biggest expenses is going to be insurance for such a vehicle. If you intend to use your own car insurance, ensure that your policy covers these rentals. Even if it does, the coverage extended may not be to your satisfaction so additional policy may be needed or required.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google search data shows interest in RV rentals is nearly twice as high this year versus last.
  • Your car insurance may cover your RV rental, but your credit cards probably won’t.
  • Underinsurance is a concern if you settle for basic insurance with only minimum levels of liability.

“They’re coronavirus-friendly, offering all-in-one socially distant travel and accommodations.”

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Image by S B from Pixabay