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When going on a cruise, it should be a fun and exciting time. It is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime and if you can take the family, then go for it! With that being said, having cruise insurance might not be a bad idea. Some people feel as if cruise insurance is redundant and not worth it at all. However, if you want to be safe rather than sorry, pay a little extra for the insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two important questions for almost everyone is whether travel insurance is necessary and secondly, what kind of travel insurance to get.
  • When choosing on a travel insurance, one has to go for an insurance designed for travelers, not a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • A travel insurance expert advises those seeking travel insurance to go for primary and not secondary travel insurance because it covers every penny.

“While this isn’t the scenario that plays out in most people’s minds as they contemplate the purchase of travel insurance for their cruise vacation, it is an object lesson in how the insurance can be of value even if catastrophe doesn’t strike.”

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