Should you pay the cost to remove a tree?

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Tree removal may seem simple on the surface, but it can be a complex process that could cost thousands of dollars. Before hiring a professional, you should understand that you may not be liable. Sometimes, the city will remove the tree for you, or, if a neighbor needs firewood, they may remove it for free. Also, your homeowners insurance may cover the tree removal, but it’s important to look at the fine print first. Still, you should only get rid of the tree if it has the potential to cause damage to your family or your property.


Key Takeaways:


    • Tree removal is a very complex operation that could be potentially dangerous.


    • Cutting a tree down is a lot more expensive than hauling one away because the danger involved.


    • Trees that need to be cut down included dead trees, insect infested trees, roots that can be a danger to your pipes, and trees that could damage your roof.



“If there’s no response, contact your municipality — or local utility company when the tree is encroaching on their lines or pipes. These official bodies may order your neighbor to pay the cost of tree removal; alternatively, they may remove it themselves.”

Get answers about homeowners policies.

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