Survive a Night in Your Car

survive a night in your car

When winter comes to your area one of the most important things that you can do to stay safe is to have a plan for car problems when you are on the road.Being stranded in your car without proper supplies and planning is very dangerous. There are many resources from government agencies to help you put together an emergency car kit to insure that you stay safe in the event that you become stranded while travelling. You should also be sure to inform loved ones of your travel plans so that they will know when to expect you to arrive and can alert authorities of any problems if you are late. Be sure to always start a trip with a full tank of fuel and stop often to stretch and rest as well as maintain at least a half tank of gas. This will allow you to run your car and heater for short periods of time to stay warm.Never leave your car if you do become stranded, it is the safest place to be until help arrives.

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Survive a Night in Your Car

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