Tankless Water Heaters: Should You Get One for Your Home?

An average length shower could use as many as 150 gallons of water depending on the type of shower head you use. All of that water takes a lot of energy to heat. With all of that energy going to heat water it is tempting to want a new tankless water heater. This type of heater has its pros and cons. It can deliver a continuous supply of hot water and provide monthly savings, but is a large upfront cost and may not be able to keep up with multiple demand sources for water.

Key Takeaways:

  • We use a lot of water when we shower and a lot of energy is also used to heat up that water.
  • Energy.gov website reports that tankless water heaters make great savings for a household as estimated by ENERGY STAR.
  • Some of the benefits of a tankless water heater that you should consider important are it provides a continuous supply of hot water and reduces your monthly cost.

“If you’re like thousands of other homeowners, maybe you’ve thought about installing an electric tankless hot water heater in your home to help save money and reduce your energy consumption.”

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