Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance

Get answers about teen driver insurance.

There can be a bit of anxiety regarding the pricing for teen auto insurance. Because teens are the highest risk demographic for accidents, the cost of auto insurance tends to be much higher for them. You should consider your options going into this purchase decision. Ideally you don’t want to buy them a sports car because these rates will be higher. Try to find a multiple car discount and see if you can get the minimum coverage allowed.


Key Takeaways:


    • If you have a teen learning to drive they will need to be added to your insurance, but only after they have a license


    • Adding them to your insurance results in lower premiums for them


    • Read on for more tips to keep your insurance down even after adding your teenage driver



“Teenagers are among the highest risk demographic and therefore it can be an expensive proposition to add them to your policy.”

Get answers about teen driver insurance.

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