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Emergency Funds. Two words that most people hate. First of all the word “emergency” brings to mind something awful and fearful. “Funds” are something that generally we don’t have enough of. If you put the two words together it can feel like a catastrophe in the making! It won’t, though, if you’re prepared. In her “3-6-9 Guideline for Emergency Savings”, Julia Chang clearly addresses the issue of saving toward an “Emergency Fund”. She provides tips for an (almost) effortless way to set up your fund, and addresses the different phases of our lives and whether we may be at the 3, 6, or 9 month mark for the fund. By pointing out the benchmarks of saving she breaks down what is potentially a big scary ordeal into tiny, bite sized pieces that are easy to swallow.

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The 3-6-9 Guideline for Emergency Savings

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