The Best Free or Cheap Home Inventory Apps of 2019

Home inventory apps can be enormously useful in documenting and organizing your property, making both moving to a new residence and filing a home insurance claim much easier and more efficient. These apps — including Sortly, Nest Egg, Blue Plum and others — allow you to do things like taking pictures of your belongings and then tagging them with useful information. You can also use them to print quick, scannable labels to tell you what is inside each box.

Key Takeaways:

    • Home inventory apps are a handy way to catalog everything you own, allowing you to submit a more complete home insurance claim in the event of a major loss.
    • There are many good home inventory app options out there, including Sortly, Blue Plum, Magic Home and Nest Egg.
    • You can use an inventory app to photograph items and receipts and tag them with information such as price.

“The best home inventory apps can help you maintain your home and your sanity and save you money.”

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