Three Tips for Renewing Your Car Insurance Policy

renew car insurance policy

There are many ways to get car insurance discounts. Most major insurance companies offer over 20 unique car insurance discounts. Some get automatically applied, like if your car has anti-lock brakes or you haven’t had an accident in five years. There are others though that won’t be applied unless you tell your company. One that gets missed often are those involving a child on a car policy. If your teen driver is a good student, they can qualify for a good student discount which may save you up to 20% on your bill. If your child is at least 100 miles away at school as well, you can qualify for a student-away discount which saves you a good amount on your premium. Other discounts your company may not automatically qualify you for are whether you have an anti-theft device, if you’ve taken a defensive driving course, or have a VIN stitching. Use these tools for huge savings.

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Three Tips for Renewing Your Car Insurance Policy

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