Three types of insurance that everyone needs: Health, car, and renters insurance

Out of all the types of available insurance, car, health and renters insurance are the most crucial to protecting yourself and your family. Renters insurance can help you replace the value of your general belongings if they’re destroyed by a natural disaster or stolen, and also protects you if someone gets hurt in your residence and sues you. Car insurance protects you from liability if you cause an accident, and from damage to your car if someone else causes one. Health insurance helps cover the very high costs associated with medical care. All three of these are of vital importance, and everybody’s ought to have them.

Key Takeaways:

    • Life has so many surprises which we have no control over but what we can do is to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
    • Renters insurance is aimed at those who live in a rented home. It is just like homeowners insurance in that it insures your property against fire and other eventualities.
    • The coverage of a renters insurance involves theft, fire, flooding and other unexpected events to your rented apartment and it also covers you in case your apartment is uninhabitable.

“Now, there are plenty of different types of insurance, so it can be tough determining which one you actually need.”

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