Tips on Protecting You from Fake Charities and Scams

Charity and volunteerism are two key factors that keep our society going. However, sometimes, people use charities as a scam. People might go door to door claiming to be raising money for a charity, but instead be keeping the money for themselves. If you are wondering if a charity is a scam take the time to investigate the charity. Look online for a website. Look on the website for spelling errors and for their not for profit status. Ask to donate via a check.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key things to look for on charity’s website: correct spelling and grammar, a mission statement, a list of board members, contact information including a physical street address and number.
  • Request information from the charity and how your donation will be used to benefit the charity. Verify their status with Better Business Bureau and obtain a copy of their tax information if possible.
  • Any legitimate organization will accept a donation by check, which can be traced unlike cash donations. Never give out your financial information to anyone over the phone, instead mail them a check.

“It is because of volunteerism, in-kind gifts and financial support that the hungry are fed, the sick are cared for and various other needs of the community are met.”

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