Watch out for these Blue Cross Blue Shield scams

blue cross scams

Healthcare fraud is on the rise and your cooperation in reporting suspicious incidents to Blue Shield of California is greatly appreciated. It is important that everyone be aware of possible fraud and abuse, and report the incident as quickly as possible. Whether it is an organized effort by a provider, member, or any other individual to deliberately cheat, or a healthcare provider who occasionally bends the rules to serve the perceived needs of a patient, healthcare fraud is a serious and growing problem. It exploits patients and robs them of services and resources critical to their well-being. By definition, fraud means that someone is trying to obtain something of value by intentionally deceiving, misrepresenting, or concealing. There are at least as many kinds of fraud as there are types of people who commit it, and fraud in the health care system is no exception.

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Watch out for these Blue Cross Blue Shield scams

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