What Insurance Do I Need To Rent Out My Home On Airbnb?

Get answers about homeowners insurance.

If you are renting out your airbnb occasionally then there is insurance you can purchase through your insurance company that will allow you to have liability of damage or injury occurs while someone is renting from you. If you are renting out your airbnb frequently then the insurance company will see your airbnb as a business and you will need business insurance. There is also another kind of insurance you can purchase if you plan to sublet, that is, share the airbnb with other person, it all depends on what you plan to use it for.

Key Takeaways:

    • If you are planning to rent your home out on AirBNB you will need to contact your insurance company and possibly buy business insurance.
    • Before you start sharing your home, you need to do research. There is a possibility your homeowners insurance will actually drop you if you start renting out your home.
    • There are specialty policies that many companies offer to insure your home when other people are renting it out for a short period of time.

“Generally, homeowners insurance will cover damage to your home caused by fire, wind, or other covered perils. It also provides protection against personal liability in case someone is injured on your property.”

Get answers about homeowners insurance.

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