What Is a Mother-in-Law Apartment?

In certain cultures, one good example being the Amish, it is normal to have many generations living under one roof. Rather than have mom live alone it is normal to create a space for her to go on living near the kids and grandkids, a wing of her own, what could in other circumstances be called a mother-in-law apartment. Such accommodations, whether they are meant for grandpa, or for a grown child still living at home, are meant to self-sustainable units. Usually they constitute a sleep chamber, bed, kitchen facilities and a living area, basically a home in miniature. It is possible to also have facilities that are almost self-sustainable, but not quite. For example, living quarters without a kitchen area. Oftentimes these types of living quarters are built onto the main house. But, they can also be converted from garage, basement or attic space. If they meet the needed criteria, it is possible for such apartments to be deemed as accessory dwelling units and thereby serviceable as rental units. Even if it is not used continuously, it can be used as a vacation option. Even without a needy in-law such spaces have their uses. They make great guest accommodations. And if nothing else it is extra storage space.

Key Takeaways:

    • Mother-in-law apartments can help with living space in households containing multiple generations.
    • They are typically apartments with their own separate entrance and a full floor plan.
    • There are many uses for apartments like these, such as a space for older children or even a rental unit.

“Mother-in-law apartments have varying floor plans but generally have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.”

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Image by Sharon Willen from Pixabay

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