What to Look for in a Handicap Accessible Vehicle

handicap accessible vehicle

There are lots of viable options in handicap accessible vehicles for consumers. These vehicles are able to meet the needs of drivers with disabilities, exemplifying the forward-thinking attitudes of modern-day vehicle design. Handicap accessible vehicles are becoming a more appealing option for potential handicapped consumers through the introduction of innovative modifications. Ramps, whether manual or motorized, tend to be cheaper than lifts, and can be installed in either the side or rear of the vehicle, depending on the consumer’s parking requirements. Docking stations, or wheelchair restraints, are a viable option for those who wish to use their own wheelchair in place of the driver’s seat. Other modifications include steering aids, sensory aids, and remote-control functionality to help disabled consumers access necessary controls within their vehicles. While finding the right vehicle for you can be a difficult process, these kinds of modern innovations allow much more flexibility for handicapped drivers.

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What to Look for in a Handicap Accessible Vehicle

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